2020 Beto Add-On Stickers -- For *** POSTER BOARD *** Signs

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Good Democrats Recycle! Upgrade your Beto For Senate Yard Sign with a "For 2020" sticker for the new campaign season! Set of two stickers!

PLEASE NOTE: This sticker is specifically designed to go on weatherized cardstock Beto Signs, which use a U-shaped ground stake. (These are the signs that were typically distributed at Beto campaign HQs, rallies, and events.)

If you have a corrugated plastic sign, you need to order the version formatted for that size, which is available for purchase here. If you order the wrong sticker, it won't fit!

The cardstock sign sticker measures 23-inches by 3.25-inches, and each order includes two-stickers, one for each side of your sign. Printed with UV-resistant inks on outdoor vinyl. Union-printed and Made-In-USA.


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